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Upcoming debbugs modification, major change

This weekend, I plan on modifying debbugs to support a hashed db/ layout.  The
formula for this hash will be the same as the current archive/ hash layout(1).

Current tools that I am aware of that read the debbugs db:

* bugscan
* bts-ldap
* testing scripts(these may just read the indices)

This Saturday, baring any real life circumstances, or someone objecting here,
I will turn off the debbugs cronjob(2) that processing incoming.  I will then
go about converting the scripts to only support this new db/ layout.  All
existing files will then be moved to the new directory, and testing of the new
code will begin.

No bug mails will be lost, as the email receive script does not depend on the
directory layout, and will not be disabled.  The emails will queue up, and be
processed individually for testing, and in bulk afterwords.

I will not do this transition at this point, if someone has a good reason to
delay it.  A good reason is not "I won't have time this weekend to modify my
foo-software" if your foo-software is only used by you, or a small subset of
people.  I believe the above tools however, can be modified in short order.

1: db/12345.foo -> db-h/45/12345.foo
2: 6pm local time to master, or, 11pm UTC.

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