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How to become very unpopular. (or:) A scary story.

                  How to become unpopular


1. Create some piece of software
2. Write "install" and "uninstall" targets for the Makefile
   (to be run by root of course) as follows:

> LIBDIR=$(ROOTDIR)usr/lib/
> install:
>	mkdir $(LIBDIR)foo
> 	cp -p lib/foo* $(LIBDIR)foo
> uninstall:
> 	rm -rf $(LIBDIR)

3. Add a space after "ROOTDIR=/"
4. Release to unwary users

5. Just to make sure, add the space and the "uninstall" target
to a later release and write in the README that the user should
first run "make uninstall" in order to remove earlier versions of
the software.

Seriously now, I made a mistake of this kind in an early release of
the tpctl program.  Spaces got added to the end of a line in the Makefile
when I copied a bit of code from one place to another using X's copy and
paste.  A user wrote to inform me that my lovely "make uninstall" rule
had deleted his entire /lib/modules directory.  If the error had been
a little bit different it could have wiped out his entire filesystem,
as one would do if one followed the instructions above.  I recently
came across this user's bug report as I was cleaning out old e-mail
and I thought that the story deserved a wider audience.  A mistake like
this could be made in a debian package installation script too, I
suppose.  Beware.

Thomas Hood

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