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Re: start-stop-daemon

Wichert Akkerman (2001-08-16 14:47:50 +0200) :

> Previously Michael Weber wrote:
> > maybe 'not stale', i.e. not a leftover from an unclean shutdown or
>> something...
> s-s-d has no way of checking that, but luckily /var/run is cleaned
> on boot to prevent that.

Yeah, but the daemon might have died unexpectedly.  Some basic check
could be that there indeed *is* a process by that pid.  It won't
guarantee anything, but it might catch some cases.  It could even
compare the name of that process with what it should be.  It might
even compare the mtime/ctime of the file with the start time of the

  I know, it will still leave a few race conditions, but it would
increase the accuracy of the process a lot.

  Just suggesting things, of course, and waiting for the rationale
for their not having been done (if it isn't "well, it's just that
nobody did it").

Roland Mas

C'est dans la boue la plus nauséeuse que plongent les racines de
l'étincelante fleur de lotus. -- in Sri Raoul le petit yogi (Gaudelette)

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