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Re: mozilla in testing broken

In article <[🔎] 87snesvrpm.fsf@zaphod.blackdown.de>,
Juergen Kreileder  <jk@blackdown.de> wrote:
>Both the Java plugin (from our Java .debs) and Shockwave work for me
>with Mozilla 2:0.9.3+0-1, although the javaplugin_oji.so link in
>/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins gets messed up a little by the this part
>of mozilla-browser.preinst:

Hmm, in the current 'unstable' I cannot find any package that
provides javaplugin_oji.so. Neither ibm-java (from the installer),
or jdk1.1, or jdk1.1-native, or any other package, has a java
plugin for Mozilla

What am I overlooking?

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	-- Theodore Tso, on debian-devel

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