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Mgetty not in Woody / Where is Phil Hands


After not receiving any notice from Phil Hands for 220 days I ask if  
any developer could upload a new version of mgetty.

It would be disappointing if mgetty is not distributed in the next

I tried to apply the diff from last debianized mgetty (1.1.21) to the
most recent (1.1.26). Only 4 short reject files. Seems to be no huge 
problem. The hole thing compiled within 2 min (i386 /1Ghz).

2 small cavats while dpkg-buildpackage: 
   1.) The orig-tar-sources are little broken, it contains
   mgetty-1.1.26/samples/new_fax.mime3 twice, however this can happen.
   2.) the faq is now provided as sgml insted of ascii.

latest upstream can be found at

my latest try/success at http://hiwiv513.rz.uni-konstanz.de/~jeff/mgetty

Heute ist nicht alle Tage, ich komm' wieder, keine Frage!!!


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