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Re: Driver Update Disk in Dabian (Potato) how to make it??

Manoj Jose wrote:
  >Hello all,
  >	Can we update a SCSI driver at the time of dabian (Potato)
  >	If yes how we can create driver update disk from source files?..
  >	Any idea?.. 

SCSI drivers are part of the kernel.

If your boot disk is not SCSI, you can have the SCSI driver in a kernel
module.  If your boot disk IS a SCSI disk, the drivers must be built
into the kernel or you won't be able to boot.

When installing Debian you install a kernel and can choose the
appropriate SCSI module to go with it.  You probably cannot update
the module separately, since it needs to be built with the kernel.
I would not care to risk an incompatibility in such an important
driver by trying to update it separately.

Building from source means building a kernel from source.  Use the
kernel-package package to build your own kernel package from the
appropriate kernel-source-xxx package.

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