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Re: "Section" in *.doc-base file.

>>>> "BB" == Ben Burton <bburton@mail.math.okstate.edu> writes:

>> It is possible to add under Apps/
>> Gnome
>> Applets
>> KDE

> Hmm, I would be tempted to file Gnome/KDE apps under the categories
> appropriate for each application, eg. KWord and Abiword under
> Apps/Editors, Gimp and Kontour under Apps/Graphics and so on.

> It makes more sense to me to file an app according to its functionality
> (Apps/Editors, etc) rather than which set of libraries it uses
> (KDE/Gnome).  What's to stop us continuing and having Apps/Motif,
> Apps/Curses and so on?

Thise scheme is like the hints tag in menu. Maybe doc-base can manage a
hints tag ?


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