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Re: galeon won't start, who's at fault?

>> Jared Johnson <solomon@futureks.net> writes:

 > no no... just when mozilla is installed into sid.  It's not that big
 > a deal since this is _sid_ after all, but when new upstream versions
 > of mozilla get uploaded to sid, nobody with galeon or skipstone (or
 > light, when i upload it) will be able to update mozilla until their
 > installation of galeon, skipstone, or light is updated... they're get
 > something like "package galeon depends on mozilla << 0.9.2, but
 > 2:0.9.3-1 is to be installed"

 Well, I have mozilla installed on my box because galeon needs it, not
 because I use mozilla.  The number of multiuser systems tracking
 *unstable* is probably small compared to the number tracking testing.

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         not d-d, Jared and him.

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