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Re: galeon won't start, who's at fault?

>> Jared Johnson <solomon@futureks.net> writes:

 > Please don't report a bug against unofficial packages that aren't in sid
 > :)

 Doh.  I forgot to remove kitame's repository from apt.sources on the
 machine I'm having trouble.  Sorry about the noise.

 > see bug # 108152 ... but if it's not closed yet then it hasn't yet
 > received my last message.  There is some sort of a fix though
 > someplace, kitame knows it... he posted it to some thread
 > somewhere... ah yes, the 0.9.3 NMU thread... just have a search for
 > "kitame" or something :)

 Jared, you just got the prize for the most uninformative piece of
 information ever.

 > Come to think of it, 108152 doesn't completely explain what the deal is.

 Some feedback, after reading that discussion.  If galeon needs a
 specific version of mozilla, you have to express that via dependencies.
 Depends: mozilla (>> 0.9.1), mozilla (<< or something, but I
 guess "you get the idea".  If you don't do that, that's a bug (and
 guess who's going to report it :-)

 > Hopefully, the mozilla maintainer, the skipstone maintainer, and myself
 > can coordinate in order to try and make sure that working versions of
 > mozilla, galeon, and skipstone get released at least roughly around the
 > same time.

 That's the wrong way to do it.  We have a fine dependency system, use

 PS: I don't think I removed Mail-Followup-To: debian-devel@l.d.o from
 my setup, did I?


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