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Please test new Courier packages

Hello, Debian developers !

My courier packages have again received a lot of effort in packaging
improvements and upstream has put many new features into these

My plans are to fix as much remaining Lintian errors as possible,
try to thoroughly test the packages, install them on production
servers and then upload them to incoming.

Any help in testing would be very helpful. Upstream says that
it compiles with gcc 3.0 now, but no guarantees for a working
setup are given. Any testers from gcc-3.0 architectures are
more than welcome.

Aptload them from:
deb[-src] http://debian.cobolt.net/ courier-dev main

Bugs that should be fixed with this release:
#100821 #104318 #104899 #106674

Thanks for your interest.


Racke happily hacks Interchange and maintains Debian packages like Courier.

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