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Re: ITP oroborus

After I figure out how to make use of the debian menuing system (I have yet to
look into it) I was planning on packaging the other utilities as well. They
were written by the same author but are not oroborus specific.
I planned on making an ITP on these utilities once I looked into the menuing
system and contacted the authors, unless, once again, someone else already had
plans for this.

* An Thi-Nguyen Le (anle@debian.org) wrote:
> > I plan on creating packages of Oroborus, another window manager for X.
> > Anyhow, if no one objects I'll get to work on packages and file a wnpp.
> No objections.  Oroborus is a neat little window manager.  Are you going 
> to package up the little plugins or whatnot for keystrokes and menus and 
> etc. as well?  I can think of a couple other minimal window managers that 
> might benefit from these as well, for instance wm2.
> (Assuming, of course, that the plugins weren't oroborus specific.  Still, 
> no biggie.)

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