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Re: [OT] lazy maintainers

On 08 Aug 2001 17:06:32 +0200, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> On 8 Aug 2001, Jared Johnson wrote:
> <snip>
> > > > > but we have someone else who is willing to do what myth is unwilling
> > > > > to do. problem solved. nobody, and that includes myth, should
> > > > > obstruct that.
> > > >
> > > > bzzzzzt wrong, as i showed above.
> > > 
> > > nope. you showed nothing. you made an assertion, but that assertion is
> > > just plain wrong.
> > 
> > bzzzzzt bzzzzzzzzzzzt!  hear that it is the big buzzer that means you
> > are wrong wrong wrong!  still going off AAAAA BZZZZZZZZZT IT IS GETTING

^^ self-abasing humour (sp)....

.... i'm sure glad i fell asleep for a few hours before this thread got
any worse :)


> I'm getting sick of you. Why do you try to defend someone that a) is doing
> a lousy job, according to the opinion of many fellow developers and
> users, and b) does not give any information at all about what he's doing
> with his package?

(a) the malformed opinions of some developers and users are completely
wrong in regards to this situation (b) he's given it to me... perhaps he
hasn't given it to you because he's tired of trying to defend himself
for months and months against people that are so sure that he's doing a
lousy job?  I don't think such defense is listed among a debian
developer's responsibilities

> If Myth is actually actively developing his package, let him inform us
> about his intentions. There's nothing wrong with waiting for an upload if
> you have good reasons (although in this case, as I pointed out in a
> previous mail, I don't believe there's space for "good reasons to wait"),
> but if you don't inform people about those reasons, people tend to become 
> frustrated if the "current" package sucks. And to be honest: it looks as
> though the current mozilla package sucks.

people didn't say this much when he uploaded them, I think most of them
said "yayee, these are much better than the M18 packages woohoo"

in any case, although this is really irrelevant, my personal preference
is to wait for packages until very nice ones are finished and available,
rather than to complain about how nobody has uploaded any half-assed
packages yet.

> If he doesn't want to outline his intensions in this thread, let him setup
> a page at people.debian.org. If he doesn't want that either, let him
> invent another option, but PLEASE, MYTH, tell us WHAT you're doing.

Yes, let him.  Don't make him.  It's not listed anywhere as one of his
special duties.

I think it would be nicer if he were publically forthcoming about his
plans; however, i can understand why one would clam up after awhile
after having been flamed to no end in return for being so forthcoming in
the past.

This particular NMU situation pisses me off much less than the general
situation where everyone for months and months contributes to long
threads consisting of things like "when will new mozilla be available?"
"oh the current mozilla maintainer is an asshole so it will be awhile"
"yeah, man what a loser" "hey, someone should string him up by his balls
eh" "AOL"

Someday methinks Frank will get tired of being the subject of public
bashings in return for his hard work and will just resign; at which
point everyone that belittled him will be quite happy that someone else
is maintaining the debs, and the only people left complaining will be
the people that actually thought that he was doing a good job.

I think it's a mistake for me to pretend that it's just this particular
thread that's pissed me off regarding the mozilla situation.

Jared Johnson

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