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Re: [Debian account] I request your attention

Well, there may be other options.  But I am ticked at people
preventing qualified people from becoming Debian maintainers simply
because of a personal issue with them.  Applicants have a right to get
a decision and to have publicized reasons for it.

This model is used in numerous real-life bureaucracies where stalling
was used as a method of exercising a veto in ways that exceed
prescribed powers.

It greately annoys me that such a situation would be necessary.  It
has its drawbacks.  But it seems like we need something real and
tangible to deal with this problem.

Note: the 1 month value is subject to alteration, of course.

-- John

Wichert Akkerman <wichert@wiggy.net> writes:

> Previously John Goerzen wrote:
>> I vote that we add a time limit on DAM approval.  If the applicant is
>> not rejected with documented cause by the DAM within, say, 1 month of
>> the completed and in-order AM report, then the applicant is considered
>> accepted into Debian.
> I really do hope you're not serious.
> Wichert.
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