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gconf and debian/rules

Exactly how should one make gconf work in Debian packages? The gconf
manual doesn't include any examples on how to write in your configure.in
and Makefile.am, and I haven't found enough examples of it - the ones I've
found have done it differently. Suffice to say that I'm confused.

I had a look at the gtranslator package, its data/gcnof/Makefile.am (which
doesn't seem to be changed between original and Debian version) contains

schemas_dir = $(sysconfdir)/gconf/schemas
schemas__DATA = gtranslator.schemas
        -gconftool --shutdown && \
        gconftool --makefile-install-rule \
EXTRA_DIST = $(schemas__DATA)

And debian/rules just does this:

        ./configure --prefix=/usr                       \
                --mandir=\$${prefix}/share/man          \
                --infodir=\$${prefix}/share/info        \
                --sysconfdir=/etc                       \

        $(MAKE) install \
                prefix=`pwd`/debian/tmp/usr \
                sysconfdir=`pwd`/debian/tmp/etc \

And that seems to work "out of the box" so to speak. I don't manage to use
this in my own package though.


Can someone enlighten me?


Martin Sjögren
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