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Re: Question about Draft Resolution Proposal

On 08/02/2001 07:20:56 PM hartmans wrote:

>> You can certainly propose a resolution to do this; the Debian
>> developers can by GR override any decision.  I will not comment on the
>> specific text of your resolution.

That's a pity, as what I'm looking for is some advice on some reasonably
clear and non-biased text for that resolution.

I probably won't bother pursuing the issue at this time, as it seems no one
else is interested in that method of working around the NM process.  If
Eray continues to get screwed over, I'll eventually get offended enough to
formally submit a draft resolution proposal, but at this point I'll sit and
watch as nature takes its course.

The more I think about it, appealing using a resolution as a "jury of your
peers" could be a fair appeals process when the NM process gets out of
whack.  True, the civil rights record of democracies is pretty bad, but the
civil rights record of totalitarian states is even worse...

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