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Re: Accessing informations of installed packages

> > I guess the correct way should be through the libapt but I haven't found
> > any API discription of it. I seems libapt is made for C++ program, how
> > can I access it from a C program?
> You could wrap the library functions you need in C, compile those wrappers
> using the C++ compiler, and link them into your program.  If you find an API
> that works well, it might even be useful to other programmers.
Well I'm not very used to C++ and probably aren't the right person for
such a task. I may specify a simple API but someone else has to help me
with the wrappers. 

I just need some dpkg commands so I don't know if it's the right way.
Besides isn't there a libdpkg and is libapt a replacement for it?

O. Wyss

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