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Re: Bug#106678: ITP: new -- A template system

On 26-Jul-01, 19:50 (CDT), David Schleef <ds@schleef.org> wrote: 
> I would strongly suggest a different package name than 'new', since
> it is too generic and misleading.  The command name is, as well,
> but I think that is less of an issue.

I dunno. It's actually fairly natural to type 'new file.c'. The package
name doesn't conflict with anything else, and we seem to operate on a
first-come, first-serve basis. It matches the upstream name, which is

If you want to talk about misleading and generic, let's talk about
imagemagick's 'identify' and 'convert' commands :-).


Steve Greenland <stevegr@debian.org>
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