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Re: installing perl 5.6.1-5

On 26 Jul 2001, Dave Carrigan wrote:

> Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:
> > My Ultra is still a potato system, but I needed to build the most recent
> > jpilot, and to make a long story short, I need the latest perl.
> We built both perl and dpkg from the unstable sources and are running
> them on potato without troubles. Take with a small grain of salt,
> because we are also running a significant number of other sid packages
> that we built for potato, so there may be other dependencies. Plus, all
> of our systems are i386.
Having taken a closer look, it looks like a large chunk of unstable must
be installed before the new dpkg can be built, or even installed.

Its build dependence on two sgml packages require a whole bunch of
packages in the sgml class. sgmltools-lite is only available from unstable
and requires another small handfull of packages to build.

The real kicker is gettext. Build depends in dpkg declare the need for
something greater than or equal to 0.10.36, but potato only has 0.10.35

To build gettext from unstable requires libc6-dev greater than 2.2, and
potato is 2.1 plus several other development packages only in unstable...

At this point I pretty much have to upgrade to woody to build dpkg, so I

Going to bed,

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