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Re: sendmail and/or listar oddities

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Bill West wrote:

> listar's logging has, shall we say total lack of of usefull logging to
> diagnose problems.


> Just got it figured out. It was something I was overlooking. I use the
> access file in /etc/mail for spam control and after looking through the
> debian list archives via www I ran across someone with an unrelated problem
> but read the thread anyway. Ended up that after I added a few lines with all
> possible names and IP's of my home LAN with RELAY as the action things
> started flowing through listar again. Wierd part is that I've never had a
> problem with the lines not being there before and the error messages I was
> seeing in the logs didn't even hint to this being the problem. Simple fix
> but a real booger to track down.

What version of sendmail did you upgrade from/to ?

Interesting, access problems should've been detected before winding up at
the program mailer - unless listar reads that file itself (which I doubt).

Which form did you add in access?  You can skip the names, and use subnetting:
Connect:10              RELAY
Connect:127             RELAY
Connect:172.16          RELAY   #repeat this line for .17-.31
Connect:192.168         RELAY
Connect:[IPv6:::1]      RELAY

> Thanks for your fast reply.

Sorry it was of little use ...

Rick Nelson
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