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Re: Outdated GNU config (config.{sub,guess}) and autotools-dev

On Sun, 22 Jul 2001, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Users might be surprised why the package fails to build
> although the build dependencies are fulfilled.  
> Then, I have doubts if the GPL requirements
> are met, as the source used to compile the
> package (and config.guess/config.sub are part of that source) is not
> available through the user under the conditions set forth in part 3. of the
> GPL.

Well, I advocate adding the autotools-dev machinery to debian/rules clean
for this reason. It will cause the new config.sub/guess to be propagated *to
the source package*, so the GPL will not be violated. And the source will
work out-of-the-package on the new archs, too.

> Well, the idea of the autoconf/automake suite is that you don't need to
> install autoconf etc to build the software.  They go a long way to make
> sure that an installation is not necessary prior to building the package.

Well, config.{sub,guess} is used by the configure script, not autoconf or
automake themselves.  If one properly touches the files before the build,
they are not regenerated...

Someone build-depending on autoconf/automake is probably not trying enough
to lessen the load on the autobuilders. This has, however, nothing to do
with config.sub/guess or autotools-dev.

> I think Debian should support this by always making sure the
> autoconf/automake generated files are regenerated when the files are
> changed before the source package is built.

Hmm... I see your point. But we are not changing anything but
config.sub/guess, which are only a run-time (not build-time) dependency of
autoconf and automake.

> > Others complained the build system would be different from the autobuilders'
> > system:  duh. If it were not different, you would not need GNU config; A
> > package will build differently in an BE machine and a LE machine even if
> > they have the same config.guess/sub files.
> Concern: GPL requirement to ship the whole source.
autotools-dev machinery in debian/rules clean will ship the new, fixed-up

> Concern: Information which version(s) works on some architecture is
> obscured or lost.
Can be worked around: the more complicated script I suggest will tag the
changelog properly. That information is NOT lost, as it makes to the
.changes file, which is sent to the proper @list.debian.org ML, even if the
autobuilder is not doing a source NMU.

> I don't agree with your comparison with BE/LE, because first, the compiler
> suite is not part of the source code at all, and second, the difference
> in LE/BE is completely predictable and does not depend on changes in the
> source, but is completely external to the program.

Well, BE/LE is the lesser problem. Interger sizes, and other weird stuff can
also change from one arch to another, I think.  I'm only point out that
changing config.sub/guess will not make the mess any worse.

> I think it boils down that autoconf/automake are designed to produce
> parts of the source of the program, which is then used.  They are written
> to be used in the preperation of shipping the program, not as a tool used
> at build time.  I would be on your side entirely if autoconf/automake would
> be more like flex/bison, or other external programs run in the progress of
> building the program from the source.

Eh... you do know config.sub/guess are *run-time* dependencies of
autoconf/automake-*PRODUCED* scripts/makefiles, don't you?  They're not
build-time (as in when generating the configure script and Makefiles -- not
the build of the package itself) dependencies of autoconf/automake (unless
you're buiding the autoconf package, I think).

Autotools-dev has a lot to do with the configure script, and little to do
with the running of autoconf, automake, libtoolize or something like that to
regenerate said script.

> and final program to carry on in the Debian source.  Moving parts of the
> source code to the build tool area doesn't seem to be appropriate to me.
> Especially if I am correct with the observation that the GPL doesn't allow
> that (note: I did only do a quick review of the license on config.guess.
> Maybe this is an issue for debian-legal).

A proper target for pre-build setup would be a good thing IMHO. I don't like
using the clean target for that.  Such a target should be used to call the
autogen.sh scripts for when building from a CVS-exported tree, updating the
build environment (calling autoconf, autoheader, automake, libtoolize,
gettextize), and updating the build environment support stuff

If you could write the policy proposal and post it to -policy, we can get
proceed from there...

> Still, I don't want programs to call libtoolize -f in debian/rules.

Well, the only way to do that properly is to get a new debian/rules target

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