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Re: /etc getting bigger

Eray Ozkural (exa) <erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr> writes:

> > 	You are missing the point of union mounts.
> >         Storing "general tools and maintenance stuff" separately
> >         from "applications", and activating them in order, is
> >         orthogonal from names used to refer to them.
> We were not talking about union mounts. Are they implemented in linux?

	I don't know about you, but others likely were.

	Go back and read the original message, especially the quoted
	words "Note that for HURD".

> So if you put in / the GNU subsystem and in /usr user applications it makes a 
> *lot* of sense. My suggestion was to refine the GNU subsystem so that it is a 

	Actually, not.. GNU utils might live in /opt/gnu, something
	else might live in /opt/foo, and it'd still all binaries would
	show up in /bin for the Hurd.

	Let's not confuse this thread any more with the Hurd, I think
        our current policy is not really suitable to it..

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