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Re: LSB Spec 1.0 Criticism

In article <[🔎] 200107051743.TAA01280@burner.fokus.gmd.de>,
 <schilling@fokus.gmd.de> wrote:
>>From: Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au>
>>Well, they could be installing apache, or a web client too; but if they
>>do, they're assumed to be sensible enough to tell that software where
>>their web pages are themselves (/var/www, file:/var/www/foo.html). It's
>>not unreasonable for software to want to send mail, but that would mean
>>it'd need to use /usr/sbin/sendmail, not write to /var/mail/* directly.
>The SVr4 FS hierarchy puts sendmail into /usr/lib/ as it has been for ages
>on *BSD.

sendmail has been in /usr/sbin on *BSD for the last few eons. Even
before most Linux distros put it there. /usr/sbin/sendmail is a BSDism

"dselect has a user interface which scares small children"
	-- Theodore Tso, on debian-devel

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