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Bug#103593: ITP: scrollz

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

I intend to package the scrollz IRC client (and in fact have been asked to
do so by upstream :).

Description: An advanced ircII-based IRC client
 ScrollZ is advanced IRC client based on ircII code. It adds features
 normally found in ircII scripts like Toolz, PhoEniX, GargOyle or Lice.
 The main difference between these scripts and ScrollZ is the code. Where
 ircII scripts take a lot of disk and memory space and run slow, ScrollZ
 only takes a couple of extra kilobytes compared to stock ircII client
 yet runs faster than any ircII script. This was accomplished by using
 C code instead of ircII scripting language. This reduces memory and
 CPU usage and code tends to run way faster.

Scrollz has just been released under new licensing terms, specifically, the
3-clause BSD-style license. It is available at http://www.scrollz.com.

Mike Markley <mike@markley.org>
GPG: 0x3B047084 7FC7 0DC0 EF31 DF83 7313  FE2B 77A8 F36A 3B04 7084

We'll pivot at warp 2 and bring all tubes to bear, Mr. Sulu!

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