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Re: harden distribution

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 05:52:23AM +0200, David Spreen wrote:
> Hey there,
> maybe supporting people who compile special-needs-binary packages would 
> be even better then providing them ourself. What's about a section on the 
> debian-project-homepage which coordinates such projects apart from the 
> real distribution but supported by us. I mean, when someone opens a 
> sourceforge repository for k7-optimized packages he tells us and 
> the apt-repository and some coordination (maybe a possibility to 
> join this seperate project from there).

 I think the point is to avoid having to do things like providing binaries
 for every type of architecure/processor & security optimizations. But
 rather to the compiling "on the fly" as you are installing your selected
  Nick Jennings

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