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Re: real LSB compliance

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Does the LSB allow vendors to depend on being able to invoke those startup
> scripts using LANA names?

The intent seems to be that they want to allow syadmins to invoke them
using the L[AN]* names. This implies that the docs accompnying the
package (which may be in dead tree form..), should probably be able to
document that.

Of course, I've had to break out the tea leaves when interpreting the
intent of the LSB more times in this single day than I have in several
years of interpreting debian policy. And I wasn't around when the LSB
was being written, so I may make a rather shoddy oracle. :-/

LSB packages also need to be able to run a program similar to
update-rc.d on the scripts, which does rely on the program being told
the full path to it, according to their examples. But as you note, alien
could hack around that.

see shy jo

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