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Re: LSB bastards

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> They key thing is 'system-provided dependencies'. I can make a group of
> related LSB packages that interdepend, and I can use file depends to do it
> with.

Ok, I'm inclined to agree.

But, where in the LSB does it say that a distribution's package
management tools must honor or even notice these dependencies?

  The distribution itself may use a different packaging format for its
  own packages, and of course it may use any mechanism for installing 
  the LSB conformant packages that is available.


  The LSB does not specify the interface to the tools used to manipulate 
  LSB conformant packages. Each conforming distribution will provide
  documentation for installing LSB packages.

I see nothing that prevents us from using alien, and continuing to throw
away file dependancies.

I see nothing in the spec that prevents us from using
'rpm2cpio | cpio --extract' as our lsb package installer, for that 
matter. Well, we should probably run the maintainer scripts too, but
that's about all.

see shy jo

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