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Hi everyone.

I have written a small Perl script called wnpplint which checks the
Debian WNPP system (Work-Needing and Prospective Packages) for
inconsistencies and errors.

Currently it parses a file and outputs a list of bugs which seem to have
a wrong subject line (i.e. *not* like this: 'TAG: name -- description').

You'll have to get the file by sending the following two lines to

index packages wnpp

You'll get a huge mail (roughly 150K) as response. Save this mail to a
file and run 'wnpplint FILE'...

I have used the script to find ITPs etc. with wrong subject-lines and
retitle them appropriately...

The script can be downloaded from

The latest release can always be found on

Any comments, bug-reports etc. are welcome...

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