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Pre-RFP: Ogle -- DVD player based on libcss


Is anybody interested in packaging Ogle? It claims to be the first DVD
player for Linux that supports DVD menus.

I don't think there are any legal problems with packaging it, since
it's based on libcss, so it doesn't contain any controversial code

>From the "Features" page:

  * Supports DVD menus and navigation.
  * Reads from mounted, unmounted DVDs and hard drive.
  * Reads encrypted and unencrypted DVDs using libcss.
  * A new MPEG2 decoder with both MMX and SUN Solaris mediaLib
  * Normal X11 and XFree86 Xv display support with subpicture
  * Audio and subpicture selection.
  * Handles advanced subpicture commands such as fade/scroll
    and wipe.
  * Detects and uses correct aspect for movie and menus.
  * Possible to play AC3 via S/PDIF with an external command.



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