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Re: non-US question

>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher C Chimelis <chris@debian.org> writes:

    Christopher> On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Julian Gilbey wrote:

    >> > Interesting: He just loggin in, so I guess he downloads the
    >> source from > there (if it isn't on Pandora already), compiles
    >> it there and leaves it > there, altough he 'works' from inside
    >> the US. Will this qualify as > exporting? The crypto code won't
    >> ever enter the US, unless he cats the > source on his terminal,
    >> no?
    >> Apologies; I misread the original post.  I would tend to agree
    >> with you, Michael, but IANAL.

    Christopher> Not sure if a lawyer was consulted before, but I
    Christopher> tried doing the same using a machine in the
    Christopher> Netherlands to build non-US and was told by the DPL
    Christopher> (Bruce, at that time) that it didn't matter whether
    Christopher> or not I looked at the code....I still couldn't
    Christopher> upload the result.  I really couldn't even "export"
    Christopher> patches to the code (was compiling and sometimes
    Christopher> porting packages to Alpha).

The law has changed since then.  I think people would rather you not
use Debian machines to export software from the US.  You can see the
response I got by looking at the archive of Debian legal for November
of 2000.

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