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Re: mozilla-browser-cvs ?

To quote "Sander Smeenk \(CistroN Medewerker\)" <ssmeenk@cistron.nl>,
> Hia,
> This package mozilla-browser-cvs contains mozilla-cvs, creates
> ~/.mozilla-cvs and is called mozilla-..-cvs, yet it creates a
> directory in /usr/lib called cvs-mozilla.
> Is there any reason why this has been done?
> It's confusing...

Are you asking why that particular package uses ~/.mozilla-cvs/ as
opposed to ~/.mozilla/? And the same with /usr/lib/mozilla-cvs/ as
opposed to /usr/lib/mozilla/?

Well, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you can have mozilla-cvs
installed, as well as a released version. Run 'mozilla-cvs' instead of
'mozilla'. Having two packages coexist like that is useful.

Secondly, the CVS Mozilla may not be wholly compatible with the released
Mozilla, as far as preferences go. So do you want to have your
~/.mozilla/ the way you want it, run 'mozilla-cvs', and lose everything?
I thought not.

David Barclay Harris, Clan Barclay
           Don't panic.

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