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Python is now GPL-compatible again!

It's official. It's been reported on Slashdot and is on the Python Web page.
Release candidate 2.0.1c1 of Python (a bugfix release in which the major bug
was the license) is now GPL-compatible, and the FSF has approved the new
license as GPL-compatible. The final release 2.0.1 will have the same license,
and so will the next bugfix release of the 2.1 branch (which adds features
compared to the 2.0 branch), which will be called 2.1.1 and will be released
next month (and which we should update to when it's released so we get the new

Go to http://www.python.org/2.0.1/ to see for yourself.

I suggest we update the python2-* packages to reflect this new version and
the license change, which largely involves changing Description and
README.why-python2. We also don't have to avoid GPL'ed code in that package
any more. Also, we should consider when we will move python2-* to python-*;
I imagine that the only hurdle in the way of that now is compatibility with
existing applications; maybe we should do something similar to what was done
with autoconf, and rename python-* to python1.5-* and rename python2-* to
python-*, and file bugs against packages that won't work with python2-* to
depend on python1.5-* instead. (Please correct me if I'm wrong in my analogy
with what happened to autoconf.)

Please CC me on all replies, etc. etc.....it works better with my mail setup
even though I am subscribed to -devel and -legal.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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