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php4 IS IN testing Was: php4 not in testing

On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 04:26:58PM -0500 , Steve Langasek wrote:
> > Why is this?  Why can't it just work?
> In the past, a big issue with PHP modules was that some of them depended on
> libs that were compiled with pthreads, and being loaded by an application
> (Apache) which was not.  Is this possibly related to the current problem?

maybe. but shouldn't ld just pull pthreads in?

> Has this issue been raised with the upstream developers?  I haven't been

I think yes. I was also told, it's a bug in ld, which upstream knows about
and won't fix

> following PHP4 upstream much lately, but I've never run into such problems of
> fragility on other non-Debian systems where I make heavy use of PHP (and DSO
> extensions, as well).  I'm curious to know if I've just been lucky, or if this
> problem really only happens on Debian.

LDAP and IMAP put together fail almost 100% - when c-client is dynamicly

> As to compiling a list of known working configurations, Petr, I'd personally
> be more interested in getting ahold of a minimalist configuration that
> /fails/.  There may be multiple library bugs here, but at least if we can see
> the most basic configuration that doesn't work, we have a better chance of
> being able to get away with the everything-in-one-static-build approach down
> the line.

				Petr Cech
P.S. php4 4.0.5-2 is in testing now
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