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Re: RFC: (m)syslog default config


Marco d'Itri schrieb:
> On Jun 10, Arthur Korn <arthur@korn.ch> wrote:
>  >I'd say that's a bug in INN. Making assumptions about other
>  >packages configs is just as depending on environment variables.
> Parts of INN need error messages in separated files and the files must
> be rotated by an INN script running as the news user.

Are all those requirements on rotation and syslog setup
documented somewhere?

IMO this is quite messy, I'll see wheter I can work something
out to make packages tell syslogs what they need. Of corse that
will need some support in syslogs, and it seems that syslog
maintainers are all busy people.

It seems that INN just won't work at all with msyslog currently,
since I don't use it, nobody ever complained and msyslog didn't
even support the news.=err syntax (the equal that is) until

(If I find some time I might even write a config writing
interface, but don't hold your breath.)

ciao, 2ri
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