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rc scripts, umask and 2.4 kernels

recent 2.4 kernels seem to set a umask of 000 at boot which is
inherited evidently by init and all its children who choose not to
change it.   this results in several daemons creating mode 0666 .pid
files among other things (see bug reports against ud and sshd among

personally i think this is broken behavior on the kernels part, a 000
umask is never a sane default IMO.  it seems however that its not
going to be fixed (i remember some mention about it somewhere but
can't find it).  

i looked at debian's rc scripts and /etc/init.d/rcS already sets the
umask to 022, and its responsible for kicking off the rest of the boot
process, so why do daemons like sshd and such still end up with a 000
umask?  what can/should be done about this?  

Ethan Benson

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