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Re: Integration of debian/ scripts in packages

>>>>> "Michèl" == Michèl Alexandre Salim <salimma1@yahoo.co.uk> writes:

    Michèl> Hello, A general observation of Unix programs in general -
    Michèl> a lot more of them come with RPM spec files, even
    Michèl> generates them automatically from a spec.in file, than
    Michèl> with debian scripts.

A lot of this has to do with the relative value of doing so.  An RPM
outside of the Redhat archive is more common than a deb outside of the
Debian archive.  Debian is willing to accept most DFSG free packages
into its archive, so users can get a good approximation of all the
Debian software available by looking at what is in unstable.

RPM-based distributions tend to be more selective about what they
accept.  Thus, a user is going to be just as likely to go to the
original author as to their distribution to find software.

As a Debian user, I will  tend to go to Debian before the original
author.  If there is a debian directory, I am likely to find it
already in Debian and never get to the original author's site.

Note that Debian directories outside of Debian have dubious utility.
Really only the maintainer  should be editing debian/changelog, but
yet if debian/changelog doesn't match the version of software, then
siginifacnt problems may result..

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