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Re: Two theses regarding packages

T.Pospisek's MailLists wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Joey Hess wrote:
> > Frankly, I would prefer that Debian developers consist soly of people
> > whose "itch" is making Debian be of the highest possibile quality.
> That'd be nice. But people also have a life besides Debian.

Where did anyone ever say people had to spend every waking hour on
Debian? I'm saying that Debian developers should be concerned about the
overall quality of Debian, that they should take pride in Debian, and
should let that concern inform everything they do for Debian.

> OK, that would be the other extreme, which wouldn't be good either. But
> consider that nobody is *forced* to use a package. The fact of packaging
> some programm is already useful to plenty of people, who can either just
> use it or build on top of that - if they want.

The mere existance of a badly packaged and maitnained peice of software
in Debian hurts us in many ways:

 - It reduces the overall quality of the distribution.
 - It makes users not trust Debian as a whole. Instead they must form
   judgements about how well each individual package is maintained.
 - It reduces the likelyhood that someone who *does* want to take the
   time to maintain the package properly will be able to do so.
 - It increases the demands on the overworked QA group.
 - It increases the demands on the overworked archive admins.
 - It adds another package to an overly long list, tending to obscure
   better maintained alternatives.

It's interesting how little we talk about "debian quality" anymore.

see shy jo

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