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Re: license language flamewar [was: ITP: squeak-vm, squeak-image, squeak-sources -- A highly portable Smaltalk system]

>> Why should I have to deal with your local laws just because I chose not
>> to live in the US?

> Why should I be forced to submit to a default judgement in Australia
> because I cannot afford an Australian lawyer?  Why should I have to watch

There is an important distinction. Instead of Apple requiring
Quebecers to give up a right to use their programs, they should tell
them that they are simply not allowed to download the program.

At least, they would not be morally charged for encouraging giving up
a right to someone. Now that would not make the license more free.

Anyway, you are all talking about legalism where I talk about freedom.
How can you have a productive discussion with that. You just don't
understand my point. So please, give it up with that thread.


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