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Re: ITP: glib2, gtk2, inti

--- Ben Gertzfield wrote: > >>>>> "Michel" == l Alexandre Salim writes: > > Michel> Hello, IANAD yet but wanting to get up > to speed on the > Michel> upcoming GNOME 2 platform, I wanted to > start programming > Michel> in Gtk+ 1.3.x / Inti. They are not > available as Debian > Michel> packages so far so I guess I will > package them myself. > > I'm graduating from university next week, and I'll > have plenty of > time to work on Debian stuff. I'll get Glib/GTK+ > 1.3.x packages up > as soon as I can. > > If you do want to just do the packaging work for me, > of course, I'd > be happy to check what you've got and use it. :) > > Ben > Took longer than I expected but GLib 1.3.5, CVS snapshot from 20010601 are available from here.

Have not managed to package Pango - can anyone assist me in finding out what is going wrong? Basically the package failed the install stage of the rules script if installed using an alternate path (specified using prefix or DESTDIR). So I set the prefix to `pwd`/debian/tmp/usr and installed just using 'make install', same result - it was not copying some libraries properly (libpangoft). The package installs fine into /opt/gnome2 with the GLib packages hosted above.

There might be some packaging bugs in the GLib package that might catch you out if you try recompiling the source package (which you have to unless you are running libc6 2.2.3-5), more than welcome to get feedbacks and suggestions. Basically the libraries apart from libglib might be missing from the package, no idea why at all, but if the .debs were created manually (fakeroot debian/rules {build,install,libglib1.3-dev, libglib1.3}) it works just fine.

Thanks in advance,


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