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Where comes .dpkg-tmp files from ?

I have the following bug and don't know where .dpkg-tmp files
come from. Any hints are appreciated.

Package: courier-authmysql
Version: 0.34.0-2

Package would not install with this error;

 Preparing to replace courier-authmysql 0.34.0-1 \
  (using .../courier-authmysql_0.34.0-2_i386.deb) ...
 Unpacking replacement courier-authmysql ...
 /usr/lib/courier/makeauthmodulelist: unknown Courier \
  authentification module authmysql.dpkg-tmp
  dpkg: warning - old post-removal script returned \
  error exit status 2

Workaround was to edit /usr/lib/courier/makeauthmodulelist
and change the grep call in line 38 as below...

 grep { ! /^\./ && ! /^authdaemon/}

 grep { ! /^\./ && ! /^authdaemon/ && ! /tmp$/}

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