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Re: php4-doc (maybe ITP)

On Mon, May 28, 2001 at 05:15:24PM +0200 , Alain Schroeder wrote:
> Well... php3-doc seems to be a full PHP3 and PHP4 documentation (at
> least last time I used it, which is 4 days ago ;)). Is there any

it's a bit dated, as it's generated from php3 source, but phpdoc is the
latest greatest doco from php CVS. it's much more uptodate with recent
modules/functions and such

> difference between php3-doc and phpdoc, despite that phpdoc is bigger?
> phpdoc:             Installed-Size: 10460

> php3-doc:           Installed-Size: 6921 
> php3-doc (potato):  Installed-Size: 8620

he? I wonder what I did wrong there ...

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