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Re: Packaging WM themes - question

On 24 May 2001 20:23:35 -0500, Ben Burton wrote:
> Hi.  I'm about to submit an ITP for a set of KDE window decoration and widget 
> themes and I'm trying to decide upon the best way to package them.  They're 
> all from the same author (part of a single large release with the same 
> version number) and there's about 39 themes in total.
> Options are (1) release one huge-arse binary package; (2) release 39 
> packages, one for each theme; (3) release a moderate number of packages each 
> containing a few themes.
> I am hesitant to do (1) because of the user's disk space usage.  I am 
> hesitant to do (2) because I'm not sure that debian wants a million 
> kde-theme-* packages on its servers.

disk space is cheap and desktop environmente like kde and gnome are not
for boxes with limited cpu/ram/hd. so 1 is good. 3 is good too al long
as the grouping makes sense. e.g., i don't like dark themes, so would be
nice have all them in a single package so that i can avoid to download.
but this is so subjective that i don't know if a good criteria will ever


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