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Bug#98623: GPM fails to start when re-export type is 'ms'

Package: general
Version: N/A; reported 2001-05-24
Severity: normal

GPM is controlled by the files /etc/gpm.conf and /etc/rc?.d/S20gpm.

I know there is a specific comment that the space should not be used
after the '-R', but if it (the space) is not there gpm fails to start
when the re-export type is 'ms'.

Background - I'm trying to run Microwindows which fails to run with
re-export set to 'ms3'

Proof -
lacy:/etc/rc2.d# gpm -t ps2 -m /dev/psaux -Rms
lacy:/etc/rc2.d# ps ax| grep gpm
  476 tty1     S      0:00 grep gpm
lacy:/etc/rc2.d# gpm -t ps2 -m /dev/psaux -R ms
lacy:/etc/rc2.d# ps ax| grep gpm
  478 ?        S      0:00 gpm -t ps2 -m /dev/psaux -R ms
  480 tty1     S      0:00 grep gpm

Workaround - Instead of setting the re-export type in /etc/gpm.config
I am setting append to '-R ms'.

Simon Wood.

PS. I don't want to be whacked.... ;-)

PPS. This is my first bug report, I hope that it is OK.

-- System Information
Debian Release: 2.2
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux lacy 2.2.18 #8 Sat May 12 00:37:27 BST 2001 i486

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