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wget -w bug in testing?

~ $ wget --version
GNU Wget 1.6

If I try a 
~ $ wget -d -v -c -w=30 "ftp://user:pass@ip.adresse/directory/file to download.xxx"

the -w option is ignored. I tryed many possibilities, for instance "-w
30" "--wait=30" "--wait=1m" "-w=1m" "-w=300", added "wait=30" "wait =
30" in /etc/wgetrc and ~/.wgetrc, always the same.

I couldn´t connect to the server at this time and won´t hammer it,
that´s the reason for the --wait option.

Could you check whether it´s a bug?


Ulrich Wiederhold
Clarenbachstraße 1
50931 Köln
phone +49-221-2766619

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