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Re: A section for commercial software?

Bart Schuller <schuller@lunatech.com> writes:

> I consider the FHS broken in this regard.
> The only sane distinction to make is between .debs, which try to conform
> to as many Debian policies as possible, and non-debs, which you untar
> into /opt.

I think /usr should be used by Debian, and /opt should be userd by 3rd
party vendor (as FHS says).  Of course a vendor can play Debian and
install in /usr, but often they will make some strange things that
might hurt the user, so it's best to keep them in /opt/<bla>, and be
responsible for their own space.

> A .deb unpacking into /opt has no added value to me, it will just help
> to confuse.

Well, it is managed by apt/dpkg/dselect/whatever, and benefit from
dependencies etc.  That may help 3rd party not to ship their own
versions of every shared library used (I know matlab did this when I
used it--why then shared libraries!!?).  I think this is value added.

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