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LDAP benchmark

Recently on these lists there have been a number of discussions of how to run 
LDAP as the back-end for Unix account data and for ISPs to use LDAP only 
services for mail storage.

Also the number of packages in Debian to support such use is steadily 

I believe that there is a need for a good LDAP benchmark to determine the 
best configuration for such servers, and due to the lack of such programs I 
plan to write one.

Currently the only available LDAP benchmark seems to be the one from 
MindCraft (I know what you are thinking, there is no need to pollute these 
lists with another discussion of it).  The MindCraft benchmark seems OK for 
what it does, but it is limited in a number of ways and it is not directly 
focussed on what we use LDAP for.

I am thinking of writing a simple LDAP benchmark which will alow simple 
queries to be executed, modifications according to templates or search 
results, and the additions of semi-random data to a directory.

The aim of my program is to satisfy the needs of real users of LDAP 
directories.  We don't care about winning benchmark wars, of being faster 
than some other operating system, etc.

What we care about is whether the server can handle the projected load or 
whether it will die and start timing out.  If the load is projected to be 
adding one account per minute, changing passwords on random accounts every 5 
seconds, and doing the equivalent of 100 RADIUS requests per second then it 
should be possible to simulate that on a test machine.  Then if a manager 
asks for new data to be stored in the LDAP (such as date of last login) then 
it should be possible to simulate this and determine what it will do to 

Please let me know what you think of these ideas, and use private email if 
you think it's not something that will be of interest to the entire community.

If I have enough spare time I'll try and get an alpha of this into the woody 

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