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Re: Bug#97766: lidsadm: autogenerated lids.conf should not be declared conffile

On 17-May-01, 14:26 (CDT), David Spreen <david@spreen.de> wrote: 
> Don't think so, it is not auto-generated, but generated with help of 
> lidsadm. It is system dependent and may not be overwriten during
> upgrades. Additionaly tpo that, their is no possibility to 
> relocate the lids.conf without changing the kernelpatchfile,
> do we really want that? I would close this bug, but I want to hear 
> your opinion to this before I do so.

>From the FHS:

       3.2  /boot : Static files of the boot loader

       This directory contains everything required for the boot process except
       configuration files and the map installer.  Thus /boot stores data that
       is used before the kernel begins executing user-mode programs.  This may
       include saved master boot sectors, sector map files, and other data that
       is not directly edited by hand.  Programs necessary to arrange for the
       boot loader to be able to boot a file should be placed in /sbin.
       Configuration files for boot loaders should be placed in /etc.

Note the "other data that is not directly edited by hand". Also note
that although the section title says "static files of the boot loader",
the second sentence says "stores data that is used before the kenrel
begins executing user-mode programs".

Sounds like exactly the correct location to me.


Steve Greenland <stevegr@debian.org>
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