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Re: Bug#97336: ITP: dsh -- dancer's shell, or a distributed shell.

In Mon, 14 May 2001 19:47:49 +0100 Colin cum veritate scripsit :


> >dsh -a w
> >
> >Useful for beowulf maintenance.

> Does it work better than the BitCluster tools
> (ftp://ftp.bitmover.com/bitcluster/)? I use those (especially clogin et
> al) a lot at work, but, since they interact a bit oddly with virtual
> window managers and I don't have time to fix them, a replacement would
> be nice.

I don't know what is better for you, but this does not require X to

However, it does not work with interactive programs too well,
from its design.

It's not a shell. It's a remote shell. As it were.


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