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Re: quest

	Upon examining the headers of this morons spam to every debian-
mailing list I'm on and getting quite tired of deleting them as I'm sure
others are as well... Anyone got problems with placing an access list
entry to block this site from sending to the d.o mail servers?

inetnum: -
netname:      ESS-NET
descr:        Eastern Space Systems Network, Wholesale leased
descr:        line capacity and dial-up ISP
country:      RO
admin-c:      SS4374
tech-c:       SS4374
status:       ASSIGNED PI
notify:       domain-admin@listserv.rnc.ro
mnt-by:       AS3233-MNT
changed:      estaicut@rnc.ro 19980830
changed:      cristih@rnc.ro 20010215
source:       RIPE

descr:        ESS-NET
origin:       AS12632
notify:       tech@totalnet.ro
mnt-by:       AS12632-MNT
changed:      cipy@totalnet.ro 19991012
source:       RIPE

person:       Serban Stanasila
address:      Str. Delea Veche 51, Bloc 46,
address:      Etaj 7, Bucharest
address:      ROMANIA
phone:        +40 1 322 9592
fax-no:       +40 1 322 9593
e-mail:       serbans@com.pcnet.ro
nic-hdl:      SS4374
notify:       domain-admin@listserv.rnc.ro
mnt-by:       AS3233-MNT
changed:      estaicut@rnc.ro 19980830
source:       RIPE

	I've already got it block'd on all my servers (Ain't LDAP+Sendmail
great) but it does no good on the mailing lists as I accept the mail from
the debian.org mail servers, unless d.o would prefer I bounce them back
to prove a point.


Martin Popovici was said to been seen saying:
> Sir,
>    We are a computer sellers company from Romania and we are interested 
> at this moment to buy ASAP 100 processors Intel Pentium III @ 933 MHz not 
> boxed(tray) and 400 memories @128 Mb PC 133. 
>     We are interested to get from your company your prices list, including 
> any other products and 
> your payments and shipping  methods.
>  Please advise ASAP,
>  Martin Popovici,
>  General Manager,
>  Progisoft SRL.
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