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Re: Location of XML DTD's?

On Sat, May 12, 2001 at 01:38:08PM +0200, Egon Willighagen wrote:

> Is there any policy on the location of XML DTD's? 

AFAIK there is a new policy being discussed.

> As far as i know all XML DTD's are placed in usr/bin/sgml/dtd... 
> (e.g. docbook-xml). Is this policy?

Formerly they were placed in /usr/lib/sgml/dtd, which is obviously
wrong, because DTDs are not architecture dependent.

> Why not place them in usr/bin/xml/dtd?

You probably mean /usr/lib/xml/dtd. Why should they be placed there?

> (I know XML is an SGML application)

It's not. XML is a subset of SGML.

 - Sebastian

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