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Re: 5th Annual Linux Showcase & Conference: Call for Papers

If you would like to give a talk or tutorial at ALS please drop me
and Tiffany a line



Tiffany Peoples wrote:
> 5th Annual Linux Showcase & Conference (ALS 2001)
> November 6-10, 2001
> Oakland, CA USA
> http://www.linuxshowcase.org
> Sponsored by USENIX and the Atlanta Linux Showcase, Inc., in 
> cooperation with Linux International
> Now in its fifth year, the Annual Linux Showcase & Conference 
> http://www.linuxshowcase.org continues its remarkable development as 
> the premier technical Linux conference, attracting  talks by experts 
> on everything from kernel internals to Internet services, panels 
> discussing the state of the Kernel, Linux in the real world, xfree86, 
> and more.
> And this year, ALS breaks with tradition by moving out of Atlanta to 
> the SF Bay Area!
> The ALS 2001 Program Committee invites you to contribute your ideas, 
> proposals, and papers for tutorials, invited talks, refereed 
> technical papers, and work-in-progress reports. We welcome 
> submissions that address any and all issues relating to Linux and the 
> Open Source world.
> The Call for Papers with submission guidelines and suggested topics 
> is now available at http://www.linuxshowcase.org
> Submissions are due June 5, 2001
> The first XFree86 Technical Conference will run concurrently with ALS 
> on November 7 & 8. If you are a developer building applications and 
> systems using XFree86, plan to submit a paper or attend this event. 
> For more information check: http://www.usenix.org/events/xfree86/
> Please join us and participate in the premier technical conference 
> for Linux enthusiasts and professionals! We look forward to seeing 
> you in Oakland in November 2001!
> ===============================================================
> 5th Annual Linux Showcase & Conference (ALS 2001) is sponsored by 
> USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association, and the Atlanta 
> Linux Showcase, in cooperation with Linux International.
> ===============================================================

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